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SLV Bar Analysis for 31Dec10 (from 24Dec10 )

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Warehouse Summary

RefinerStartEndAddedRemovedRefiner ChangeSerial ChangeUnaccountedSerial Only
Serial & Weight
HSBC London (HSBC)0 bars
0.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
Brinks London (BRIU)100213 bars
97,330,081.0 oz
100213 bars
97,330,081.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
Brinks London A (BRIA)31594 bars
30,884,458.4 oz
31594 bars
30,884,458.4 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
Via Mat International (VIAM)40969 bars
39,921,786.9 oz
40969 bars
39,921,786.9 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
JPM London V (JPMV)78285 bars
76,246,936.0 oz
78285 bars
76,246,936.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
JPM London A (JPMA)106938 bars
106,166,875.9 oz
106938 bars
106,166,875.9 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
Total (n/a)357999 bars
350,550,138.2 oz
357999 bars
350,550,138.2 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz
0 bars
0.0 oz

Refinery Summary

Refiner# BarsOuncesAverage OzStand. Dev.Serial Only
Serial & Weight
# Weights
AMax Inc. USA (AMA)1069 bars1,066,552.0 Oz997.732.310689
Almalyk Uzbekistan (ALM)3001 bars2,897,057.7 Oz965.419.92521836
Anhui Tongda Copper Ltd China (ANH)2 bars1,929.4 Oz964.71.8002
Argor-Heraeus SA Switzerland (ARG)2369 bars2,252,321.0 Oz950.756.1001442
Asahi Pretec Corp Japan (AS1)1131 bars1,104,695.0 Oz976.78.600324
Asarco Various (AS2)63 bars62,933.5 Oz998.935.02061
Asarco Inc Amarillo (AS3)4780 bars4,757,838.0 Oz995.422.141981
Australian Gold Refineries (AUS)3380 bars2,719,633.8 Oz804.6117.71401528
Britannia Refined Metals U.K (BRI)33899 bars32,754,171.7 Oz966.255.715275183075
Burma Mines (BUR)14 bars16,421.5 Oz1173.019.10014
Comptoir Lyon-Alemand FRA (COM)1151 bars1,119,754.9 Oz972.941.5730812
Cominco Ltd Tadanac Canada (CO1)1091 bars1,145,214.9 Oz1049.719.460558
Daye Non-Ferrous Metals China (DAY)612 bars595,520.8 Oz973.126.410455
Degussa Frankfurt (DEG)8340 bars8,798,260.6 Oz1054.942.9112601855
Dowa Mining Japan (DOW)1200 bars1,172,243.3 Oz976.923.000658
ERANDS. Southern Copper Ltd. (ERA)120 bars128,143.9 Oz1067.917.800111
Empresa Minera Peru (EMP)7949 bars8,291,344.3 Oz1043.128.8163361272
Engelhard Canada (EN1)5 bars4,998.4 Oz999.729.8005
Engelhard Clal Paris (EN2)13 bars13,248.1 Oz1019.148.80013
Engelhard UK (EN3)123 bars123,622.5 Oz1005.146.800116
Engelhard USA (EN4)472 bars471,781.0 Oz999.535.210387
Espanola Metales Spain (ESP)368 bars347,329.6 Oz943.846.500324
Great Wall Ref China (GRE)2232 bars2,177,261.5 Oz975.514.94920559
Guangxi Chengyuan Mining China (GUA)651 bars633,312.2 Oz972.819.100421
Handy Harman USA (HAN)14140 bars14,087,347.9 Oz996.337.93101855
Henan Yuguang Gold and Lead Co Ltd (HEN)19133 bars18,860,516.9 Oz985.823.825021167
Heraeus Germany (HER)245 bars234,056.6 Oz955.340.700165
Hoboken Belgium (HOB)8351 bars7,651,204.5 Oz916.2100.273402316
Hunan Zhuzhou China (HUN)2944 bars2,962,455.7 Oz1006.312.800571
Inco ltd, Canada (INC)1112 bars1,158,708.7 Oz1042.026.5150684
Industrial Minera Mexico (IND)2071 bars2,176,896.7 Oz1051.127.6191881
Inner Mongolia Qiankun Gold & Silver (INN)14920 bars14,637,318.0 Oz981.124.0381291416
JBR Recovery UK (JBR)2206 bars2,395,768.3 Oz1086.070.3001230
Jiangxi Copper Co Ltd (JIA)8383 bars8,545,675.0 Oz1019.437.16001622
John Betts UK (JO1)396 bars423,189.3 Oz1068.763.100343
Johnson Matthey Canada (JO3)2778 bars2,774,424.9 Oz998.734.4301192
Johnson Matthey UK (JO4)2964 bars2,966,472.1 Oz1000.844.71101276
Johnson Matthey USA (JO5)8310 bars8,131,622.2 Oz978.528.9701407
JSC Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals (JSC)360 bars350,972.4 Oz974.922.700291
KGHM Poland (KGH)9510 bars9,622,060.5 Oz1011.815.615986884
Kazzinc. Kazakhstan (KAZ)1164 bars1,126,876.9 Oz968.120.600605
Kennecott Copper USA (KEN)606 bars618,703.1 Oz1021.044.900507
Korea Zinc Co Ltd (KOR)4470 bars4,371,227.0 Oz977.922.7001024
Krasnoyarsk Russia (KRA)15580 bars14,796,431.2 Oz949.721.718401084
Matsuda Sangyo (MAT)602 bars579,366.8 Oz962.419.100405
Met Precieux Switzerland (ME1)499 bars485,811.8 Oz973.638.920423
Met-Mex Penoles Mexico (ME2)18492 bars19,378,693.5 Oz1048.021.098721031
Metalor Ref Corp USA (ME3)4 bars3,935.9 Oz984.044.1004
Min Met Penarroya Spain (MI1)86 bars81,439.6 Oz947.048.60083
Mitsubishi Mining Japan (MI2)5182 bars5,030,129.4 Oz970.721.010983
Mitsui Mining Japan (MI3)1177 bars1,125,758.4 Oz956.520.000604
Neimenggu Ref China (NEI)161 bars166,404.7 Oz1033.626.900145
Nippon Mining Japan (NIP)2785 bars2,606,156.2 Oz935.813.11181605
Noranda Canada (NO1)7813 bars7,915,090.3 Oz1013.129.825101388
Nordeutsche Germany (NO4)11850 bars10,312,313.2 Oz870.257.1002082
Novosibrisk Refinery Russia (NO5)416 bars406,778.8 Oz977.819.000328
OJSC Kolyma (OJS)7457 bars7,132,720.9 Oz956.520.5001041
Orispania Bilbao (ORI)124 bars117,668.2 Oz948.937.300120
Pamp Sa Switzerland (PAM)3 bars2,679.9 Oz893.34.2003
Perth Mint Australia (PER)3 bars3,164.7 Oz1054.916.3003
Port Pirie(Zinifex,Pasminco,Broken Hill (POR)759 bars713,709.4 Oz940.340.700538
Prioksky Russia (PRI)6806 bars6,567,733.2 Oz965.022.16701061
Rand Refinery Ltd (RAN)842 bars843,233.8 Oz1001.575.520694
Real del Monty Pac'a Mexico (REA)599 bars629,846.3 Oz1051.538.400490
Royal Canadian Mint (ROY)26 bars24,838.5 Oz955.365.80026
Russian State Refineries (RUS)55116 bars52,753,050.8 Oz957.121.516793351263
Sheffield Smelting Co UK (SH1)476 bars474,053.0 Oz995.948.910421
Shenzhen Zhongjin Co Ltd China (SH2)3719 bars3,683,477.7 Oz990.46.6250340
Shui Kou Shan Mining China (SH3)5695 bars5,759,111.0 Oz1011.327.552301230
Shyolkovsky Russia (SH4)1186 bars1,133,162.5 Oz955.415.700530
Solar Applied Materials Corp Taiwan (SOL)10810 bars10,638,550.1 Oz984.118.130924
Sumitomo Corp Japan (SUM)1837 bars1,796,243.4 Oz977.816.3250623
Tanaka Kikinzoku Japan (TAN)2 bars2,136.7 Oz1068.313.4002
Toho Zinc Japan (TOH)2674 bars2,584,773.6 Oz966.621.300860
Tongling Nonferrous Metals China (TON)3504 bars3,365,224.0 Oz960.414.64681683
Trepca Yugoslavia (TRE)165 bars157,034.3 Oz951.733.400157
U.S Assay Office (USA)252 bars265,141.5 Oz1052.137.600217
Uralelectromed Russia. YA (URA)708 bars679,691.8 Oz960.018.3180447
W Canning UK (WCA)64 bars69,652.7 Oz1088.355.50064
Yunnan Copper Ind' Ltd China (YUN)9256 bars9,455,385.9 Oz1021.524.3408151235
Zaklady Met Trzebina Poland (ZAK)1272 bars1,148,716.4 Oz903.135.310725

Duplicate Serial Numbers & Weights

ALM9379999964.6JPMV, JPMV
AS31462309990997.8JPMA, JPMA
BRI11189990999.9JPMV, JPMA
BRI180499901,007.9BRIA, VIAM
BRI22479990987.3BRIA, JPMV
BRI22789990949.4BRIA, JPMV
BRI23189990946.4BRIA, JPMA
BRI29439990997.4JPMV, JPMA
BRI34919990995.8BRIA, JPMA
BRI53519990929.0JPMV, JPMA
BRI53949990978.9JPMA, JPMA
BRI56689990925.2JPMV, JPMA
BRI57649990962.9JPMA, JPMA
BRI57859990957.5JPMV, JPMA
BRI69969990960.7JPMA, JPMA
BRI80219990906.5JPMV, JPMV
BRI9429990947.0BRIA, JPMV
BRIV20299990977.3JPMA, JPMA
BRIW106139990956.3JPMA, JPMA
BRIW1143099901,034.0JPMA, JPMA
EMP44999991,040.7BRIU, JPMV
EMP50599991,070.0BRIU, VIAM
EMP54499991,050.4JPMV, JPMA
EMP64799991,030.8VIAM, JPMV
EMP76599991,020.4VIAM, JPMV
EMP87399991,027.4JPMV, JPMA
HEN111402499901,006.4BRIA, VIAM
HEN111404299901,012.9BRIA, VIAM
INDJM44599901,036.5JPMV, JPMA
INN269990977.4BRIU, BRIU
INN6010809990993.9BRIU, VIAM
INN6026279990977.4BRIU, BRIU
INN6028779999992.3BRIU, BRIU
INN6029179999971.1BRIU, BRIU
INN6032899999969.1BRIU, JPMV
INN6033249990963.9BRIU, JPMV
INN6072309990987.8BRIA, JPMV
INN6299901,056.9BRIU, BRIU
KGH175899991,021.7BRIU, JPMA
KGH310799991,011.7JPMV, JPMA
KGH315299991,009.8JPMV, JPMA
KGH318899991,025.7JPMV, JPMA
KGH544799991,022.6JPMV, JPMA
KGH895999991,015.3BRIU, JPMA
ME21533699901,056.2VIAM, VIAM
ME23686099991,053.2JPMV, JPMA
NIP93839999940.8BRIA, JPMA
RUS11189999947.3BRIU, BRIA
RUS11269999952.4BRIU, BRIA
RUS11629999980.0BRIU, BRIU
RUS13379999939.1BRIA, BRIA
RUS134119999959.9BRIU, JPMA
RUS14239998956.2JPMA, JPMA
RUS14539999947.8BRIU, JPMA
RUS163119999948.8BRIA, BRIA
RUS16419999937.8BRIU, JPMA
RUS16439999965.0BRIA, JPMA
RUS16689999954.4BRIA, JPMA
RUS19419999952.2BRIA, JPMA
RUS194119999947.6BRIA, JPMA
RUS202109999951.5BRIA, BRIA
RUS20339999946.9BRIA, JPMA
RUS20449999976.8BRIA, JPMA
RUS21349999962.7BRIA, JPMA
RUS219119999957.7BRIA, JPMA
RUS22099999974.5JPMA, JPMA
RUS221129999968.1BRIA, JPMV
RUS222119998970.5JPMA, JPMA
RUS222129999968.8VIAM, JPMA
RUS2230119999952.8VIAM, JPMV
RUS25789999931.7BRIA, JPMV
RUS26539999943.2BRIA, JPMA
RUS284109999950.5BRIA, JPMV
RUS29169998953.4JPMA, JPMA
RUS29859999956.3JPMA, JPMA
RUS30969999944.9BRIA, JPMV
RUS399109999948.0BRIA, JPMA
RUS56549999952.6JPMA, JPMA
RUS712589999977.6BRIU, BRIU
RUSB23079999949.4VIAM, JPMA
RUSM13439999944.0JPMV, JPMV
RUSN23119999950.7JPMV, JPMA
TON29699999945.7JPMV, JPMV
YUN201599991,027.0BRIU, BRIU
YUN256999991,035.9BRIA, JPMA
YUN4429999997.7BRIU, JPMV
YUN5929999998.5BRIU, BRIU
YUN63299991,044.2BRIU, BRIU

Bars Removed:


Bars Added (Refinery Summary):

Refiner# Bars# Ounces

Bars Added:


Serial Number Changes:

RefinerOld SerialNew SerialFinenessWeightLocation


# Bars:357999
# Ounces:350550138.2
Average Bar Weight:979.2 ounces
Lightest bar:516 ounces.
Heaviest bar: 1243 ounces.
Shortest Serial Length:1
Longest Serial Length: 11
Duplicate Serial & Weight Count:176 (about 1 in 2034 bars)
Duplicate Serial Only Count:98008 (about 1 in 3.7 bars)
Duplicate Bars With Exact Weight:1 in 556 duplicate bars
Total Weights:5040
Number of Refiners:81

General Notes

Notes on Duplicates

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