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The Provident Precious Metals, NTR Metals, and Elemetal Families

There are a lot of companies in this family, partly because of acquisitions, partly because of renaming, partly because of adding divisions. This page simplifies things, at the risk of not going into all the details.

Ultimately, Elemetal, LLC is the parent company, with Elemetal being the brand name. Elemetal, LLC is a privately held company. It is intertwined to some extent with DGSE (a publicly traded company), which it owns the majority share of (but DGSE seems to act like a subsidiary of Elemetal, LLC). NTR Metals and Ohio Precious Metals (OPM) sometimes use their own name, sometimes Elemetal names. As a publicly traded company, DGSE needs to report risks about itself, but not any risks relating to Elemetal.

NTR and OPM merged in April, 2012, originally operating as Global Metals Holdings, LLC. It then switched to the Elemetal name around January 2013. So it sounds like Elemetal is pretty much NTR, with a new name, corporate structure, and brand name.

Elemetal, LLC Companies:

This is a list of many/most of the Elemetal-related companies (including both corporations and names they do business as). Some are likely no longer operating; many of the "NTR" companies are likely now operating as Elemetal.

  • Echo Environmental Waverly LLC (subsidiary of Elemetal LLC)
  • Elemetal Capital, LLC (wholesale trading of physical, derivatives, Forex)
  • Elemetal Diamond, LLC (diamonds)
  • Elemetal Direct (described as recycling/refining, and direct-to-customer locations, and NTR Metals)
  • Elemetal Direct Americas, LLC (was NTR Metals (Americas), LLC until June, 2015)
  • Elemetal Direct USA, LLC
  • Elemetal Fabrication, LLC (was Pete's Custom Metal, Inc., then NTR Custom Metals, LLC)
  • Elemetal Insurance and Logistics, LLC (unknown)
  • Elemetal Management (unknown)
  • Elemetal Mint (private minting of bars/coins)
  • Elemetal Minting, LLC (perhaps Elemetal Mint is a DBA of this LLC?)
  • Elemetal Online (Provident Metals)
  • Elemetal Recycling, LLC (processing electronic waste; was Echo Enivironmental)
  • Elemetal Refining, LLC (was OPM Metals, a/k/a Ohio Precious Metals)
  • Elemetal USA, LLC (unknown purpose)
  • Elemetal Vault (vault service, trading)
  • Provident Precious Metals, LLC
  • NTR
    • NTR Bullion Group, LLC (owned by NTR Metals, LLC; handled physical metals transactions)
    • NTR Futures (owned by NTR Metals, LLC; handled futures contracts)
    • NTR Metals (d/b/a only?)
    • NTR Metals, LLC
    • NTR Metals (Americas), LLC (now Elemetal Direct Americas; Sam Lewis, President)
    • NTR Metals Belgium Holdings, LLC
    • NTR Metals Canada Ltd. (dissolved 18 Jul 2013)
    • CI NTR Metals Colombia S.A.S. (founded 24 Aug 2011)
    • NTR Metals Europe, LLC
    • NTR Metals Group, LLC
    • NTR Metals HK Ltd
    • NTR Metals (Hong Kong) Limited (started October 2009)
    • NTR Metals International, LLC
    • NTR Metals Investments, LLC
    • NTR Metals (UK) Ltd. (is/was wholly owned by NTR Metals International, LLC)
    • NTR Metals Latin America (parent company of NTR Metals Zona Franca S.A.S; President Mr. Barrage)
    • NTR Metals Miami, LLC
    • NTR Metals Pacific Rim, LLC
    • NTR Metals Real Estate, LLC (appears to own 10720 Composite Drive, Dallas)
    • NTR Metals South America, LLC
    • NTR Metals Texas, LLC
    • NTR Metals USA, LLC
    • NTR Metals West, LLC
    • NTR Metals Zona Franca S.A.S. (Columbia; subsidiary of Elemetal, LLC)
  • DGSE Companies, Inc. (Elemetal is a majority shareholder; had 69 employees as of December 31, 2015)

Other Companies:

  • MVP Imports - A company run by a prominent businessman in Florida, that is accused of being listed in customs records as the buyer of much of the smuggled gold NTR bought, masking the fact that NTR bought it.

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