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QUICK STATS (spot as of about 04 Feb 2021 17:30, most others updated 17 Jan 2013; click values for full details)

Spot Price:$26.20$1792.3068.41:1
Physical Spot Price:$26.50$1804.0968.08:1
Total Identified Gold/Silver:602.829 Million Ounces1187.193 Million Ounces0.51:1
Highest Price Ever (London Fix):$49.45 (18 Jan 1980)$1218.25 (03 Dec 2009)todo
Highest Price, Inflation Adjusted:$127.60 (18 Jan 1980)$2193.25 (18 Jan 1980)17.19:1
Estimated Mined To Date:44542.000 Million Ounces4250.000 Million Ounces10.48:1
Currently Mined, Annually:680.900 Million Ounces79.895 Million Ounces8.52:1
Annual Demand:888.400 Million Ounces122.324 Million Ounces7.26:1
U.S. Eagles, Sold Last Month:3.159 Million Ounces0.137 Million Ounces23.15:1

COMEX Open Interest:687.710 Million Ounces44.130 Million Ounces15.58:1
COMEX Top 4 Net Short:279.898 Million Ounces (40.70%)17.696 Million Ounces (40.10%)15.82:1
COMEX Daily Volume (Traded):292.265 Million Ounces23.154 Million Ounces12.62:1
COMEX Daily Volume (Delivered):0.654 Million Ounces0.011 Million Ounces60.28:1
COMEX Ounces Traded Per Ounce Delivered:447.12:12135.36:1n/a
% of Annual Demand Met by COMEX:18.39%2.22%n/a

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