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Lawsuits Against The Tulving Company

Many people are aware that The Tulving Company has changed dramatically since mid-2012. We have a page that goes into all the details.

As of January 31, 2014, we are aware of 2 lawsuits filed against The Tulving Company, for orders totalling $309,290.50.

Starting around the middle of 2012, The Tulving Company went from typically shipping within 24-72 hours of payment to taking a couple of weeks. This was a very major change, that was a concern to many people (but not to others). It made a major change to his business model (lowest prices, fastest delivery; you could often get your metal the day after placing the order). He changed from the fastest-shipping bullion dealer to one of the slowest. However, this was perfectly legal, and many people were OK with it.

However, things took a turn for the worse in mid-April, 2013. An order on April 15 took 20 weeks to deliver -- over 4 months. If the delayed orders were for a single out of stock product, that would be one thing (and legal, if the customer was notified of the delay and accepted it). But these were for both gold and silver products of various types.

Things snowballed, and as of the end of January, 2014, the number of complaints is still escalating.

The Lawsuits

The first lawsuit was filed October 16, 2013. This was for a $200,000+ order that was delayed, and not delivered within the 28-30 days as required by law.

The second lawsuit was filed November 18, 2013. This was for an order totalling a bit over $100,000, also not delivered within the 28-30 days as required by law.

Old Lawsuits

There were lawsuits filed against Tulving Rare Coins, back in the early 1990s as well.

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