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04 Feb 2021 - A "Silver 101 for Reddit" page, with information for anyone completely new to silver investing.

23 Jul 2019 - A warning page on American Heritage Bullion and HMint (The Honor Mint).

06 Sep 2017 - A page on Monex and the CFTC lawsuit against them.

22 Jun 2017 - An unbiased review of the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier.

05 Apr 2017 - The 'about.ag Reading Room', with all sorts of documents from bullion wholesalers, depositories, and the like, that we unearthed. Account agreements, spot deferred invoices, terms, ledgers, all sorts of cool stuff.

01 Apr 2016 - A page addressing NWT Mint's bankruptcy

11 Mar 2016 - A page addressing BBB complaints about Northwest Territorial Mint.

31 Mar 2015 - A page addressing concerns about the Kitco Pool.

06 Sep 2013 - We added forums for collectors of Engelhard silver bars.

31 Jan 2013 - We added a page on explaining the SLV Short Position

30 Jan 2013 - We added a page explaining why United States Silver is not required in U.S. Silver Eagles.

The truth about the Apple Silver Shortage myth.

The truth about the 'maximum 28% tax rate'

Record Silver Price in 1980

A page about the United States Strategic Stockpile

Northwest Territorial Mint - Filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (reorganization) on April 1, 2016, after a $12.5M defamation judgment.

Bullion Direct Bankruptcy - Shut down in June, 2015 the day after I contacted the owner with my concerns that they may be insolvent. Admitted to not purchasing metal for customers who stored 'metal' with them, to the tune of $25M+.

The Tulving Company - Shut down in March, 2014 owing $17M. Secret Service seized coins valued from a low of $300K to as high as $20M.

Kitco - Filed for CCAA (similar to Chapter 11 bankruptcy) in 2011, with Revenue Quebec claiming $750M and demanding a prison sentence for Bart Kitner. I'm just covering the Kitco Pool.

Most Interesting Pages:
Our SLV Analysis and our daily silver data page.

Executive Order 6102 Hoax - Exposes the hoax, covers variations and who still believes it!

QUICK STATS (silver mined to date, etc.) has moved here.

This website is all about silver (chemical symbol: Ag), as a potential investment. We don't sell silver, we just provide you with a lot of information.
SUMMARY: In general, the price of silver follows the price of gold (but silver's price moves tend to be greater). Some people believe that silver has much more potential for price growth in the long term than gold (see the Gold Versus Silver debate page). If you invest in gold, you may want to consider trading some for silver (you can get about 0.00 ounces of silver for every ounce of gold). In most cases, the best way to buy silver is to have physical possession, unless you invest in large enough quantities that it is safer to store in a warehouse.

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