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Silver/Gold Chart Overlay

This chart overlays the Kitco silver charts on their gold charts. The silver chart is brighter than the gold chart, so you can tell which is which.

The point of these overlays are to show how closely the price of silver is tracking the price of gold. Given the enormous difference in fundamentals between silver and gold (for example, roughly 2/3rds of the demand for silver is industrial and photography, which don't care at all about the value of gold when they buy silver), it seems eerie how closely they track each other.

Looking closely, you may be able to see how silver tracks gold (as one might expect), not vice versa. Often, the price of gold and silver seem to go down at the same time -- but if you look at the charts closely, you'll see that gold starts to move before silver does.

Kitco 24-hour Silver Chart

   Kitco New York Spot Silver Chart

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